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How to use Call to Action in Page Directories Plugin?

Page Owners can configure CTA - Call To Action Button for their Page according to their Page concept and requirement. The process of adding CTA is very easy, smooth and user-friendly.

Once CTA is added, when other users via the Page, the button works easily for them to with 1 click and as configured by Page Owner.

Video Tutorial

Steps to use Call to Action in Page Directories Plugin:

  1. Go to Admin Panel of the Page Directories plugin.
  2. In Member level settings. Enable Allow to "Add a Button" functionality.
  3. In Main navigation panel,In appearance select layout editor.
  4. Go to the View page from Editing dropdown.
  5. You can configure the Call to action in two different ways.
  6. Search “SES - Page Directories - Page Profile - Call To Action Button” and place it in the view page.
  7. Search “SES - Page Directories - Page Profile - Cover Photo, Details & Options.” and place it on the view page.
  8. Edit this widget and go to “Choose options to be shown in this widget” and Enable Add a button.
  9. Go to the Page view and you can view the “Call to Action” button.
  10. In View page Click on “Add a button”
  11. There are two steps to set it.
  12. You will see an attractive pop up and may select the name of button.
  13. In the button, you have options to choose from the specific functionality also.
  14. Press next.
  15. Enter the URL to which you want to be directed where they can take an action or find more information.
  16. Select Finish.
  17. The Button would be visible.