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How to Purchase and Install SES Products?

In today’s busy world every minute is worth its weight in gold, we are always in action and sometimes just don’t notice even obvious things. Installation process of SocialEngineSolutions products is easy as piece of cake and to save a bit of your time we offer you to watch the following video about it.
Watch video here:
How to Purchase SES Products:

1. Go to website.
2. Go to ‘Products’ tab and Select the Product Category you want to purchase(Themes / Plugins).
3. Select the desired Product from the Products list.
4. Click on ‘Add to Cart’ Option and Select ‘Proceed to Checkout’ where Billing Details Form will get displayed.
5. Fill the details in the form which are required to place an order for the Product.
6. After successfully placing the order, Download the TAR file for the product you have purchased.

1. Go to Admin Panel.
2. In the Main menu, Click on the tab Manage and Select “Packages & Plugins”.
3. In the Manage Package Page, Select Install New Packages link. and choose the necessary .Tar file and follow Installation Instructions.
4. The Installation Process will undergo through following Stages:
Choose Packages : Choose the necessary .Tar file by Clicking on Add Packages and upload it on server and then Click on Continue.
Run Pre-install Check : This would be applicable for Pre existing files only.
Enter FTP Information : Under this stage, You can Choose two Options for FTP Connection Type either FTP/FTPS or None and then Click on Continue.
Run Permissions Check : Necessary permissions got checked before copying the files.  After checking of Permissions, Click on Continue.
Copy Files : When all the necessary files get copied, Click on Continue.
Update Database : After the successful updations in database, Click on Finalize Installation.
Complete : Successful Installation message will get appeared and then you can go back to Package Manager or Dashboard.
5.The product has appeared in the list of Packages under Manage Packages list in Admin Panel.
6. There you go!