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How can I send Push Notifications? Can I also schedule them to be sent on future dates?

Push Notifications will let your users to get notified about the new updates, offers etc on their device even when the website is not open in their browser. You can easily configure & send these Push Notifications to all your subscribers, Member levels, Network, Particular Users with the help of this plugin by following the steps below:


     1. In the Admin Panel, Go to “Send Notifications” tab.

     2. From here, you can configure push notification by firstly choosing the subscribers from the dropdown as All Subscribed Users, Member Level, Network or Particular User to which you want to send push notifications.

    3. After that enter details in this section for the Push Notification as :

  • Push Notification Title
  • Push Notification Message
  • Redirect URL
  • Upload Image

    4. At last click on “Send Now” button which will send the push notifications to the desired user/users on your website.

If you want to reduce your timely notification sending efforts and want to schedule them to be sent on the future dates in advance, then Yes you can easily do so from “Schedule Notifications” section in the Admin Panel of this Plugin where you can schedule & configure the push notification messages to be sent to your chosen subscribers at the dates of your choice. You can also upload image and add URL to your message easily.

The steps to schedule push notifications are almost same as that of sending push notifications.