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As we know that sending notifications to the right targeted & subscribed users is very crucial aspect which should be analyzed & confirmed properly by the site admin before sending. Proper report & statistics system should be there which may help the site owner to analyze & check much precisely for all the sent notifications.


With Web & Mobile Browser Push Notifications Plugin, you can check report for either specific notification or for all the notifications collectively which site owner have sent to the users. For doing so follow below steps:


For Specific Notification:

     1. Go to Admin Panel, Click on “Sent Notifications” tab.

     2. Search the Notification for which you want to check the report.

     3. After that click on “Report” link available in the Option field corresponding to that Notification.

     4. You can view various details in the report for the notification such as - Sent Date, Total Received count, Total Notifications Clicked count.

For All the Notifications:

     1. Go to Admin Panel, Click on “Report & Statistics” tab.

     2. Here, you can view Total Notifications Sent, Total Notifications Received, Total Notifications Clicked for all the sent notifications.

     3. You can also search report for any specific notification here by entering the Start Date & End Date in the search box.