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Why should I use this Web & Mobile Browser Push Notification Plugin? What are the advantages?

Web & Mobile Browser Push Notifications are clickable messages in browser that come from a website and help to notify the subscribers about new updates, offers etc. These are simply received by your subscriber on their desktops, mobiles or any other device even when they are not actually viewing your website. It supports all major browsers in different devices.

It also supports PWA Plugin very well which allow your visitors to load any previously viewed page while they are offline or on low connectivity network and will get the browser push notifications for that as well.


With Web & Mobile Browser Push Notifications Plugin, Remind and Re-engage your visitors and send push notifications to reach your users even when they are not on your website. With the help of this plugin, you can:

  • Have all the features you need for sending instant notifications, scheduling notifications, welcome push notification, custom images, multi-website support, etc.
  • Build Subscribers & can drive traffic on your website easily.

  • You can easily communicate with your users with the help of push notifications as very few reads email.


There are so many other advantages of having Web & Mobile Browser Push Notifications on your website, few of them are:

  • Better delivery - Emails sometimes fail to deliver or get marked as spam, while push notifications have more prompt and assured delivery.


  • Higher conversion rates - Studies have shown that push notifications have 30 times higher conversion when compared with email.


  • Stay top of mind - Sending notifications even when the users are not on your website helps you stay top of mind with users, especially if they've previously engaged on your website such as for adding any product in cart.


  • Supports PWA Mode: Push Notifications well supports PWA mode which helps you to regain users and give the complete app like look to your websites on which they can get push notifications like web.


  • Lower unsubscribe / opt-out rates - Studies have shown that less than 10% of the subscribers who opted for notifications from a site unsubscribed in a year.


  • Greater opt-in rate - It's easier for users to sign up for Web & Mobile Push than email, which results in higher opt-ins than email.


  • Re-engagement without contact details - Web push notifications don’t need a user’s email or other contact details.


  • Web-scale reach - Chrome, Firefox, and Safari combined have a market share of 75%+, meaning the reach of web push notifications is nearly a billion users.


  • Access to users who are not on your website - Using web push notifications, you can reach out to those users who are not on your website.