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How to get started with Page Polls Extension in Page Directories?

Polling is an additional feature which allows any page or website to solicit feedback from their followers and to collect more data about people's interests. To draw attention to Page polls, Poll creators can attach GIFs and photos corresponding to the Options, and they can manage other settings for them as well.

So like other extensions which are included in Pages such as Videos and Albums, Page poll is another add on which facilitates the user to enhance the quality and functionality of their pages.

Page Polls Extension enables you to create Polls for the pages on your website.With this extension, you would be able to create multiple polls and you can configure multiple options for them as well. Also you can attach Images and GIF files for those Options.

Watch demo here:

 This tutorial will walk you through steps you need to follow to install the Page Poll Extension on your website.

** This tutorial assumes that you are already logged in to the Admin Panel.


Installation of this Extension for Page Directories Plugin is very easy, but if you still need our expert to install this Extension for you, then you can purchase the service from here:


Note: Before Installing Page Poll Extension, SES - Page Directories Plugin should be installed and enabled first on your website.


Video Tutorial: In addition to this written  tutorial, we have also created a video tutorial which will help you to setup and configure this extension easily. Watch the below video:

Steps to Install & Setup Page Polls Extension
1. Installation of Page Polls Extension

In the Main menu, click on the tab Manage and select “Packages & Plugins”.


2. Our plugin is based on SE standards so this will get installed on your website as any standard plugin can. Please read the tutorial on installing plugins in SE here:
3. After the successful installation of plugin as in Step 2 above, go to “Plugins” dropdown in the Main menu and then select “Page Directories >> “Polls”.


4. Go to the Global Settings:

Activate this plugin from the Global Settings section of this plugin. These settings will affect all the members in your community.

In this section you can configure various settings such as Singular & plural Text for the URLs, Maximum Options for Polls, Permit Members to change their votes, Allow to share and favourite for Polls.


5.  Manage Polls:

This section will display all the polls created by you and your users on your website. Also you can monitor these polls and delete offensive material if necessary. Various details related to the polls such as Title, Owner Name, No. of votes, No. of views, creation date of polls. If you want to see any poll then you can just click on View link under this page.


6. Member Level Settings:

These settings are applied on each member level separately. Start by selecting the member level you want to modify,You can adjust various settings such as Polls creation, deletion, editing, viewing of polls etc. for that level too.

With the help of these Settings you can easily provide certain privileges to one member level than others i.e; functionalities provided to one member level are not provided for other one. You can also add privacy settings to the Poll while its creation.


7. Layout Editor:

Layout Editor is the only place for our SES Products where you can place various widgets for your pages and configure those widgets according to your requirement as well.

There are certain pages for this extension which are categorized as “SES - Poll Page_Name” in which you can place any widget that are also listed under “SES - Page Polls Extension” Block.


Great! You have completed the installation and setup of this extension now and you are able to create Polls on your desired page/pages.

Installation of this extension for Page Directories Plugin is very easy, but if you still need our expert to install this plugin for you, then you can purchase the service from here: