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How to add SEO information in Pages in Page Directories Plugin?

SEO information for the Pages on your website can be easily added from their Dashboards. This information will help Page Owners to make their Pages searchable in Search Engines based on the information entered. Meta Title, Description and Keywords can be entered for each Page.

Watch out the Video Tutorial for how to add this SEO information in the Pages on your website.

Video Tutorial

 Steps to Add SEO information in Pages in Page Directories Plugin:

  1. In the Admin panel of this plugin, go to Member level Settings.
  2. Search “Enable SEO Fields” and Enable it.
  3. Now, come to the user end and go to View page of the Page in which you want to add the SEO meta information.
  4. Select Settings icon and go to the Dashboard of that Page.
  5. Go to “Page Promotions” and Select “SEO”.
  6. Enter Page SEO Title.
  7. Add Page SEO Keywords.
  8. Enter Page SEO Description.
  9. Save your changes to this information by saving the form.
  10. Open View page and Press Control U.
  11. Search “Meta”. You will find the Title, Keywords and Description entered for the respective Page.