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How to generate credentials for the Twilio Service Integration in OTP Plugin?

Phone verification at the time of SignUp/Login is an important first step in your online relationship with a user. By verifying that a new registree on your website has the device they claim in his or her possession (and the provided number is accurate) you reduce spam and fraud while signaling your concern for the user's security.Overseeing many integrations (and answering many questions), we've come up with a number of best practices and practical guidelines that can assist you for integrating the Twilio Service for sending OTP to your users.


Integrating OTP Services via Twilio to your SocialEngine PHP site is a three step process. First you must create your account from and then enter all the mandatory information which is required to complete the signup process. In second step get the SID and Token and then enter the data into the Search Fields for having the linked Phone Number through which the OTP will send to the users. At last in the third step, save all the details in Service Integration' → 'Twilio' → 'Edit' section.


To know more details about API keys creation, follow the below mentioned steps:

 Step 1: Create your Account

Sign in into your Twilio account via account. If you have not created your account yet, then please signup at .

Step 2: After the successful creation of account, Go to 'Dashboard' → 'Account Summary'. From here, you will get 'Account SID' and 'Authorization Token'.

 Step 3: Go to: link.

 Step 4: In this fill the details in the search fields like: Country, Number, Location, Capabilities and then click on ‘Search Button’.

 Step 5: List of phone numbers will appear as per the criteria which you have filled in the search fields. You can check the monthly charges for the number. Buy any number as per your preference.

 Step 6: After buying it, Click on 'Setup Number'. You will get the 'Phone Number' from there.

 Step 7: The number should start with country code & should not have any space or any other special character anywhere in it. Save all the details in 'Service Integration' → 'Twilio' → 'Edit' section in Admin Panel of the Plugin.


At this point you have completed Twilio service integration and you can now send OTP to your users whenever they Login/SignUp on your website.