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From where you can Add Question for your Group in Group Communities Plugin?

Joining of Groups on your site can become more secure by adding questions for them while joining by other members.If you want the members to join groups on your website with the Admin Approval then you can also Add questions for your Groups.

Answers to these questions will get fill up by the members who want to join your Group and the answers to these questions are only confidential with the Admin of your Site until it get approved.

Steps to Add Question for your Group in Group Communities Plugin:

  1. In Admin Panel, Go to Group Creation Settings.
  2. Search “Enable Add Question” and Select it as Yes.
  3. After that Go to Group View Page, Select Settings icon and Go to Dashboard.
  4. Search “Approve Members” and Enable it for “New members must be approved”.
  5. After that click on “Add Question” button.
  6. A Pop Up will get appeared where you can add multiple questions for your group which you want to ask your members while joining of Groups on your Site, then Click on Save Button.


    7. After that Click on Save Settings under Group Edit Page.

    8. When any member click on Join button, then a Question form will get appeared in which the user have to fill all the details and Submit it if he want to join the Group.

    9. The answers to the questions will get confidential with the Group Owner only.

  10. Then Group Owner will open the same group at his site.

  11. All the joining requests will come under the members tab at Group View Page.

  12. The answers to the questions will get visible to the Group Owner until it gets approved by him.

  13. After it get approved by the Group Owner, the joining fir the group by that member will become successful.