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How to use Insights and Reports in Group Communities Plugin?

Insights and Reports are very important for any business. So, this plugin provides Group Owners all the necessary tools to checkout the insights and reports of their Groups.


Steps to use Insights and Reports in Group Communities Plugin:

  1. In the Admin panel, Go to Member Level Settings.
  2. Search “Allow to View Insights & Reports” and Enable it.
  3. Go to Group View page, Select Settings icon and Go to Dashboard.
  4. Go to Insights & Reports.
  5. Select Insights.
  6. Choose the options from “Hourly”,”Daily”,“Weekly” and “Monthly”.
  7. You can view them in Graph format.

     8. Select Reports.

     9. Choose Duration,Start Date,End Date and Report Format.

   10. You can download the report at your system for your Groups.