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How to use Group Services in Group Communities Plugin?

Group Services allows professional service businesses to create a Services tab to highlight their offerings.You have options to Add Photo,Service Name,Price(optional),Description and Duration for the service.


Steps to use Group Services in Group Communities Plugin:

  1. In the Admin panel, Go to Member Level Settings.
  2. Search “Enable Group Service” and Select yes.
  3. Go to Layout editor.
  4. Place the widget ”SES - Group Communities - Group Profile - Services” on View Page and Save the changes.
  5. Go to Group View, Select Settings icon and Go to Dashboard.
  6. Go to Manage Apps and Select Services.
  7. Select “Add service” button and a pop up will get display.
  8. Add Photo,Service Name,Price,Description and Duration for the Service.

     9. For Duration, You have Options to Select from minutes and hours.

   10. Go to the View Page and “Service”will get display.