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How to use Post Approval in Group Communities Plugin?

When people try to post on your Group, you have the authority to select that their posts should be auto-approved or wait for Group admins approval. You are allowed to post, but post will get display in the Group only after its admin approves it.


Steps to use Post Approval in Group Communities Plugin:

  1. In Admin Panel, Go to Global Settings.
  2. Search “Allow to Enable / Disable Auto-Approval of Group Posts” and Enable it.
  3. Go to View Page, Select Dashboard under Settings icon.
  4. In Edit page, Search Auto-Approve Posts and then Select “New posts must be approved by this Page admin.”
  5. An another user will Go to View page of that Group and Enter a Post in the Activity feed.
  6. The user will get the confirmation message that his post sent to the Group Admin for approval.

     7. The member with Admin permission will open that Group at his Site.

     8. The post which have to be approved will come under “Unapproved Feeds” Section    at Group View Page.

     9. All the unapproved feeds will list out under “Unapproved Feeds” section.


     10. For Each post ,Admin has the options to Approve, Edit , Delete, Save and Hide the feed.