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How to use Announcements in Page Directories Plugin?

Pages can post announcements for their Pages which are nicely shown on their Page profiles.Announcements help them to update their members, followers and other users.

Video Tutorial

Steps to use Announcements in Page Directories Plugin:

  1. In the Admin panel, Go to Member Level Settings.
  2. Search “Allow to Manage Announcements” and Select Yes.
  3. Go to Layout editor.
  4. Select View page and place the widget ”SES - Page Directories - Page Profile - Announcements” and Save the changes.
  5. Go to View page, Select Settings icon and Go to Dashboard.
  6. Go to Page Promotions and Select Manage Announcements.
  7. Click on “Post new Announcements” Button.
  8. A popup appears and Enter the Title and Subject in body.
  9. Click on Post Announcement.
  10. Go to View page and You will see Announcement.